Linkedin Manager

Login to Linkedin

Go to “Sales Navigator” (top right corner)


Click on “Saved Searches”


Click on the assigned “Saved Search” (this will change frequently)



Search for professionals that fit our Target Audience (Entrepreneurs / Professionals under 50 years old)



Click the 3 dots to View Profile or Right Click the Leads Name to Open link in new tab



When viewing profile, be sure to look at the Headline / Bio / Experience before connecting. (Quality over Quantity)

Skip over “Credit Specialists” – We are looking to connect with people who can benefit from our services so it does not make sense to connect with people who do the same thing that we do

Click 3 Dots and Click “Connect”


Add a personalized message and then send invitation (Messages Provided)


Once the invite has been sent, click “back” in your browser to get back to the saved search list and find more people to connect with.

Side Note: Keep count of the number of connection invites you send. You can do this in the “Saved Leads” section in Sales Navigator